Germany: Protesters confront AfD demonstration in Berlin

Residents of Berlin’s multicultural district of Kreuzberg turned out in large numbers on Saturday to confront a march of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Protestors clashed with police during the heated counter-demonstration against the far-right party.

AfD supporters calling for an end to what they described as the Islamisation of Germany / Photo: Screenshot/Euronews


Several arrests were made when demonstrators tried to obstruct AfD supporters as they marched through Kreuzberg, a district of Berlin known for being left-wing.

Marching under banners reading “Stop Islamisation” and “Fight for women’s rights” AfD supporters were prevented from taking the route cleared by authorities, prompting police to swoop in.

Protesters scuffle with police at the AfD demonstration / Photo: Screenshot/Euronews


Local residents went out to the streets to make their feelings about the march known and send out a message that the controversial party is not welcome in the district.

Sola Jolaoso

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