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Germany: Many non-EU foreign residents in temporary or marginal employment

More than one third (34.4 percent) of the employed among non-EU foreigners living in Germany were in so-called atypical employment in 2019, the Federal Statistical Office has reported. This means that they either worked on fixed-term contracts, less than 20 hours per week, are marginally employed or in temporary work.

By contrast, only 17.9 percent of the core labour force (employed persons aged 15 to 64, excluding persons in training or voluntary service) of German nationality were employed on an atypical basis. This was 1.1 million fewer than in 2011, whereas no decline was observed among persons without EU citizenship. In fact, the number of atypically employed persons among non-EU foreign residents even increased by 240,000 in the same period.

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If non-EU nationals are in atypical employment, they are most likely to be employed part-time for less than 20 hours a week (19.5 per cent) or on fixed-term contracts (14.1 per cent). By comparison, 11.8 per cent and 5.1 per cent of the German workforce were in the corresponding employment relationships.

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