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Germany: New Laws and Regulations in March 2022

Every month, new laws and amendments to laws are introduced that affect everyday life in Germany. What will change in March 2022 in terms of Corona rules, gambling and consumer protection is revealed here.


Relaxation of Corona Restrictions

The federal and state governments agreed to gradually relax the regulations on contact and access restrictions in the month of March. Before the beginning of March, some restrictions for vaccinated and convalescent persons had already been removed. Also passé are now 2G access restrictions in retail, although the mask requirement remains.

On 4 March, the second stage of the long-awaited Corona pandemic measures’ relaxation take place. Access to restaurants/cafés and hotels will be made possible not only for vaccinated and recovered persons, but also for unvaccinated persons with a negative test (3G).

The following changes are envisaged for the second stage of the relaxations:

  • 3G in restaurants/cafés and hotels or overnight stays – i.e. with negative test also possible for not fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons.
  • Discos and clubs are allowed to open under the so-called 2G+ rule. This means that visitors must either be triple vaccinated or double vaccinated or recovered plus negative test.
  • At large events, such as concerts and football matches, more vaccinated or recovered spectators (2G) may be present than before – a maximum of 6,000 people indoors and up to 25,000 people outdoors..

In a third and final step on 20 March, “all far-reaching” measures are then to be dropped if the situation in the hospitals permits. Only low-threshold measures are to be maintained for the time being, for example, the obligation to wear a mask when shopping and on buses and trains. Also likely to remain are social distance requirements and tests or proofs when visiting hospitals, old people’s homes etc.

In addition, the home office obligation will also end, which means that employers can demand that employees come back to the office.

The exact modalities will be clarified in another federal-state meeting chaired by Chancellor Olaf Scholz on 17 March 2022.

Moreover, from 16 March, the facility-based vaccination obligation officially comes into force. Until a decision is made by the authorities, however, unvaccinated people will continue to be allowed to work in hospitals and care facilities.

Fair Consumer Contracts Act comes into force

From 1 March 2022, the period of obligatory notice for end of fixed-term contracts will change. The general terms and conditions of fixed-term contracts previously stipulated a notice of three months to the end of the contract term. Otherwise, the contract term was extended by one year. From 1 March 2022, a notice period of one month applies. If the notice period is not observed, the term will be extended indefinitely. Consumers can then terminate at any time with a notice period of only one month.

Change in gambling law: Eurojackpot lottery

From March 2022, Eurolotto lucky winners will have the chance to win jackpots of up to 120 million euros. Until now, Eurolotto ended at 90 million euros.

A second change awaits Eurojackpot players: now, there will be a second draw day on Tuesday. Other Eurojackpot changes include a slight increase in the odds in each prize category as well as new rules regarding the numbers drawn. The draw will remain five out of 50, but the Euro numbers (additional numbers) will be two out of 12 instead of two out of 10.

The first draw with the new rules is scheduled for 25 March 2022, the first draw on the new Tuesday draw day will follow on 29 March 2022.

Ticket prices will not change. The stake will continue to cost 2 euros per betting line (plus regionally varying fees).

Linked to the rule changes is a different probability of winning. Previously, the Eurojackpot had a 1 in 95 million chance of winning. With the changed formula, the chance is reduced to 1:140 million, which corresponds to the probability of winning the classic Lotto 6 out of 49.

Telemedical consultation only until the end of March – extension is coming

Medical consultation and diagnosis can currently also be carried out via video telephony. However, this possibility will expire on 31 March.

The so-called telemedical consultation was introduced in the wake of the Corona pandemic. However, the option is to remain, so perhaps there will not be this change in March 2022.

Change from winter time to summer time

Another change in March 2022 is by no means unknown, but returns year after year: on the last weekend in March, the clocks will be changed back to daylight saving time.

On the night of 27 to 28 March 2022, we will thus be “robbed” of an hour’s sleep when the clocks are set forward by one hour from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. and winter time comes to an end.

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