A vacancy notice on the show glass of a shop in Heidelberg. There's acute labour shortage in many sectors of the German economy/Photo: AfricanCourierMedia

Germany: CDU considers residence permit for rejected asylum-seekers due to labour shortage

In view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers in Germany, the Christian Democrats (CDU) in the state of Lower Saxony can envisage the integration of rejected asylum-seekers into the labour market. It is a matter of “our prosperity and our economy”, the party, which normally has always maintained a hardline position on asylum-seekers, says.

The CDU group in Lower Saxony’s state parliament wants to open up more to migrants in view of the shortage of skilled workers. “Yes, we want to specifically recruit migrants as skilled workers in our state,” the manager of the CDU parliamentary group, Carina Hermann, told a newspaper in an interview. “We need these people to secure our prosperity and our economy. That’s why we need to be more open to migration and see both sides of the coin.”

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The CDU’s new position includes its traditional demand for the deportation of migrants who commit crimes, but now supports the integration of asylum-seekers who want to live and work in Germany and offering them opportunities to learn the language and work.

There are Germany is trying to persuade more foreign skilled workers to stay in the country to help fill its job market shortages.

Sola Jolaoso

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