Members of Pamoja Afrika Köln e.V., at the ‘Engagement Borse’ that took place in April 2023. The organisation has made its mark in standing in the gap for those in need in the African community in Cologne and North-Rhine Westphalia/Photo: Pamoja Afrika Köln e.V.

Event: Fostering the Integration of Africans in Cologne


Diversity in Focus – Fostering the Integration of the African Diaspora in Cologne

Dear African Professionals in Germany members and future members,

We are thrilled to invite you to an exciting event titled “Diversity in Focus – Fostering the Integration of the African Diaspora in Cologne”, an event organized in conjunction with the city of Cologne.

Join us for an engaging and enlightening experience!

This event serves as a platform for open dialogue, sharing experiences, and addressing important topics such as international relations, migration, integration, labor, and the shortage of skilled workers in Germany among other topics. The event is exclusively tailored for all Africans working in Germany, recognizing the valuable contribution they have made and the unique challenges they face.

Venue: Neumarkt- Square/City Center, Cologne

Saturday, 15th July 2023 from 6pm to 10pm (Evening program)

Sunday, 16th July 2023 from 1pm to 4pm

Our carefully selected topics aim to facilitate meaningful discussions, provide valuable insights, and encourage knowledge sharing among African professionals. Expert presenters will share their expertise, interactive discussions will take place, and networking opportunities will be available to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Additionally, we have arranged our very own artists and DJ to add a touch of entertainment to the event. We would like to showcase a series of photos in print and short film that showcase the true side of Africa, you know away from the stereotype. So, if you have any cool photos from the continent, please feel free to share with us and your name so we can credit you.

As our motto goes, we want to change the African narrative in Germany positively together with you.

Here are five ways you can actively participate:

Call for organizers: If you live and work in Germany, we would love to have you join us in organizing the event. Our meetings are held online in the evenings to accommodate everyone. Please feel free to contact us by Saturday 17th June as we have our first org-meeting virtually on 18th June.

Call for speakers: If you are an expert in one of the below topics or would love to present on any other current relevant topic. Please feel free to contact us. Presentations will be maximum 15-minutes.

Example topics:

  • Migration: causes, facts, and personal experiences
  • Language diversity and its Impact: Enhancing integration and cultural understanding
  • Shortage of skilled workers in Germany
  • African Professionals from Ukraine fleeing the war: Exploring their prospects
  • Empowering youth to navigate challenges/stereotypes of Migrants in the Media and Social Networks etc.

Call for artists: Are you in the creative space (music, instruments, choir, writing etc.) and you would like to show case your work. Please feel free to contact us.

Call for movers and shakers: Are you founder or part of a cool initiative in Cologne, that you would like the world to know more about of? Please feel free to contact us, will help you get the word out.

Call to share: We kindly request you to share this invitation with other African professionals who might be interested in participating either in any of the above ways or by just attending the events.

We eagerly anticipate your active participation and the opportunity to promote the involvement of the African diaspora in Cologne society. Together, let’s celebrate success stories, address challenges, and work towards building a more inclusive and dynamic community. For us this is just the beginning we hope to do such events all around Germany.

For further details and registration, please email us at or contact us at Tel: 0176-83074132.

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