Pastor Adisa (left) and Elder Ogbebor in front of the congregation at the Thanksgiving Service on Sunday/All Photos: Femi Awoniyi

CFT Church holds Thanksgiving Service for Elder Ogbebor in Berlin

Kingsley Ogbebor, who works as a VIP chauffeur for an executive passenger transport company in Berlin, had a road accident in January. He was driving a brand-new Mercedes 500S Class belonging to his company when the car skidded off the snowy and icy road in Neubrandenburg, somersaulted and finally landed on its roof.

Pastor T. Adisa (left) and Elder Kingsley Ogbebor during the service

The first responders who rushed to the scene of the accident didn’t expect to see survivors, according to their own accounts, but luckily all the inmates of the car, including the company’s manager and a client, survived even though with varying degrees of injury.

A responder at the accident scene in January

The three accident victims were freed from the car and taken to the hospital where Mr Ogbebor’s injured fingers were operated upon. The doctors told him that they doubted if he would be able to use those fingers to drive again, so bad was the injury. Less than 6 months after the accident, the professional VIP chauffeur could not only use his fingers again but has also passed a test confirming that he could drive with them.

Elder Ogbebor giving his testimony

On Sunday 29 August, Ogbebor, who is an Elder at the Christ Faith Tabernacle (CFT) International Church Berlin, and his family invited friends and relatives to rejoice with them at a special thanksgiving service.

Delivering the sermon at the praise-worshipping service, Pastor Theophilus Adisa, the Parish Pastor of CFT Church Berlin, emphasised the importance of thanksgiving in Christian life.

Pastor and Mrs Adisa listening to the testimony of Elder Ogbebor at the service

Thanksgiving, the clergyman said, unlocks more divine blessings. He also talked about the need for Christians to walk straight in their journey with Jesus Christ and he preached against double life. “Let the people know where you stand,” he called on Christians as he praised Ogbebor’s exemplary Christian conduct both privately and at his workplace. “Anywhere they see you, let them know you are a Christian.”

Pastor Adisa also warned Christians against the expectation of quick answers to their prayers, appealing to them to first seek salvation for their soul.

Pastor Adisa, assisted by his wife (2nd from left) and other ministers of the church, praying for the Ogbebor family

“Seek first the kingdom of God and all other things will follow, the scripture tells us,” the clergyman reminded his audience. He criticised a situation where some people stop going to church because what they prayed for had not manifested.

Pastor Adisa therefore appealed for Christian patience and the understanding that man’s time may not be God’s time.

Elder Ogbebor and his family at the service

At the end of the sermon, the clergyman told Christian believers that forgiveness was also very important to a true Christian life. “You cannot even go to heaven if you did not forgive on earth,” he said. “If God can forgive us, we should forgive ourselves.”

In his testimony, Elder Ogbebor narrated how the accident happened and how God miraculously saved him and others in the car. He appealed to the congregation to imbibe the spirit of forgiveness and to always be prayerful.

Another cross-section of the congregation at the service

Ogbebor thanked members of CFT Church Berlin for their support and testified how the accident had strengthened his Christian faith. He pledged his continued service to the work of God.

Femi Awoniyi

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