Currently, two vaccination doses are basically necessary to be considered "fully vaccinated". From 1 October 2022, a total of three individual vaccinations must have been taken/Photo: EKSG

Here’s how to get a Covid-19 vaccination appointment in Germany

On Monday, 7 June, prioritisation for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination was lifted in Germany.

Until the government lifted the priority list, appointments for vaccination had been reserved for people in three groups, which include the over 60s, care home residents, medical workers, people with certain health conditions and other frontline workers like supermarket staff, police and teachers.

Now, anyone above 12 years of age who is willing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 can be vaccinated.

So far, 41,662,903 persons (50.1% of the population) have been given at least one dose while 24,657,569 (29,6%) are fully vaccinated. This means that millions are still waiting to receive a shot.

As demand is high, experts recommend combining several options to try and get an appointment as quickly as possible.

One can get vaccinated at the vaccination centres and there are around 420 of them across Germany.

If you’d like to search for free appointments at the vaccination centres or find out which doctors in your area have available appointments, here are websites to help you out:

Throughout Germany you can also book a vaccination appointment via the nationwide hotline 116 117.

Another possibility is to try to get vaccinated at your family doctor’s. Many private practices offer a waiting list for those willing to be vaccinated.

Since June 7, in-house doctors at companies are also allowed to vaccinate employees. Check with your personnel department to see if that’s a possibility. It is usually the case at large companies.

Note that four vaccines – Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – have been approved so far for inoculation in Germany. Three of them require two doses with a specified break in between the first and second injection while Johnson & Johnson requires only one shot. You are classified as fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose (or one dose in the case of Johnson & Johnson).

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