Uganda Airlines launched its maiden flight on Tuesday (27 August) after eighteen years in the doldrums /Photo: Ugandan Airlines

Uganda relaunches its national airlines after 18 years

After being grounded for 18 years, Uganda Airlines has taken to the skies again, restoring its status as the country’s national carrier

Uganda Airlines launched its maiden flight on Tuesday (27 August) after eighteen years in the doldrums. The airline thus becomes the fifth national carrier in the region.

Uganda Airlines will initially fly to seven destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan and Burundi. Operation in East African routes is the first step before expanding to other African destinations such as Harare, Accra, Lusaka, and Johannesburg.

The airline will be operating from the Entebbe International Airport that has been undergoing renovation and expansion to improve aviation safety.

Ugandan Airlines has acquired four Bombardier CRJ 900s for regional flights with two delivered in April and the other two expected in September. In addition, the Ugandan government has made a down payment for two Airbus A330-800 Neos – for long haul flights – expected to be delivered in 2020-2021.

Flights in the East African region have been noted for being among the most expensive in the world with the Kigali to Entebbe, Uganda route the most costly flight in the world for its distance. Aviation experts say the new airline will bring more competition and promises to lead to lower flight prices in the region.

Aviation employs 6.9 million people and generates 80 billion annually in Africa.

Adira Kallo

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