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Tourism now 20 per cent of Gambia’s GDP

Visitor numbers in The Gambia continue to grow thanks to increasing halal tourist options and a new five-star resort opening outside Banjul. Only six hours from Brussels and with a negligible time difference from mainland Europe, Gambia has been steadily leveraging its golden beaches and excellent birdwatching opportunities to build up a tourist industry that accounts for around 20 per cent of its GDP.

“Tourists are becoming more discerning,” says local entrepreneur Farimang Max Mane, general manager of the newly opened Sand Beach Hotel and Resort in Kotu. “This is why we are making Gambia a world-class tourism and business centre.”

The new Club Galaxy Entertainment Park in the designated Tourism Development Area at Senegambia Beach, on the other hand, has been designed to attract a more pleasure-seeking crowd with a mixture of bars, restaurants and fitness facilities.

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