Germany: Another Kenyan found dead in Essen, police calling for information

As the Kenyan community is still mourning one of their own, Brian Nyawade Owino, an asylum-seeker whose death was announced in Berlin on 5 January, the police found the remains of a Kenyan woman in the western German city of Essen on Wednesday (17 January).

The body of the 27-year-old Mary Waithera Kamathi, popularly known as Carrie Jones, was discovered in a kiosk on Helbingstraße in the south district of the city, where she worked as a saleswoman, with severe head injuries. Preliminary observation of the police suggests that the African had been brutally murdered.

The homicide squad of the police still has no hot lead to her killer or killers. The investigators are not only feverishly looking for the possible perpetrators, but also for witnesses.

The deceased Mary Waithera Kamathi, popularly known as Carrie Jones / Photo:


The victim was according to initial findings of the police, a girlfriend of the drinking hall operator. He has so far not been available to the police for questioning because he is currently abroad. The boyfriend had already travelled before the crime was committed.

The African woman was married to a German, but the two lived separately. So far, however, there is no evidence that either of the two men had anything to do with the crime.

Customers, as well as passers-by or neighbours of the kiosk, or anybody who may have any useful information about the case, are urged to report to the homicide squad of the Essen Police headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Oliver Neu. Information can be given to the police.
Telephone: 0201-829 1065 (outside office hours 0201-829 7230)
Fax: 0201-829 1069

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