Nigerian 12-year-old girl creates location app to help lost children

It has not been the most positive of times in Nigeria considering the current economic climate, but every now and then a story will pop up and lift the spirits of the country.

Tomisin Ogunnubi from Lagos has provided such a story for her nation in Answers Africa.

The 12-year-old girl from Lagos has developed an app to solve a problem which she had noticed in her community. Tomisin finished up the development of her Android mobile tracking app, My Location, just a few weeks ago. The motivation behind the app was to help lost children find their way back home.

Tomision developed her app under the guidence of an information and communications technology partnership between her school, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, and New Horizons Computer Learning Center. Here, Tomision was able to learn the necessary skills and knowledge needed to develop her app.

The ‘current location’ setting on the app enables the child to see exactly where they are, as well as highlighting the neighboring streets around them. The other main functionality of the app will allow the child to save a location such as their house or school and it will direct them to their desired location.

The My Locator App also features a button, which when pressed, will alert the Lagos State Emergency Services. The app will call the services as well as show the child’s location so that they can be helped.

The app is available for free download in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sesan Adeola

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