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Pope Francis compares Libyan migrant detention centres to concentration camps

Pope Francis has likened the living conditions in migrant detention centres in Libya to concentration camps. He made the comments on  Wednesday during a mass commemorating the pontiff’s journey to the Italian island of Lampedusa seven years ago, his first pastoral visit outside Rome after his election. Sertan Sanderson reports Pope Francis used the German term “Lager” during his sermon, …

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The Dublin Regulation│What Asylum-Seekers Should Know

Will you be sent back to Italy if you had your fingerprints taken there, but then applied for asylum in another EU country? What happens if you are to be deported under the Dublin Regulation but you refuse? We put these questions and more to a number of experts, including German lawyer Albert Sommerfeld. Marion MacGregor reports The Dublin Regulation …

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Special Report: Ghanaians in Germany – 1950s till today

Estimates of the number of Ghanaians living outside their homeland range from one to three million out of a general population of about 30 million. Ghanaians in Germany are reputed to form the second largest of the country’s diaspora populations in Europe, after the United Kingdom. Journalist, translator and community activist Sam Atsu Nove*, who first arrived in Germany in …

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