Book: Chronicles of a German-Born African

In her new short autobiographic book, Cologne-based legal scholar and creative author Nesa narrates her story, of an African girl who was born in Germany but raised in the continent and now lives in the country of her birth. This is the first episode of Nesa’s chronicle

Hi, I’m Nesa, and over the next ten weeks, I’ll be taking you on a journey of a lifetime. We will laugh, cry, and learn together. As the title suggests, my life is a unique blend of two continents, cultures, and societies, and I’m excited to share my story with you.

Imagine being born in Germany, a country known for its precision, efficiency, and rich history, but growing up in Ghana, a land vibrant with colour, music, and deep-rooted traditions. My childhood in Ghana was filled with the warmth of family, the rhythm of music, and the aroma of waakye and jollof rice. Yet, my German roots always whispered to me, promising a different kind of adventure.

Fast forward to my young adult years, when I found myself back in Germany, navigating the complexities of a new language, culture, and educational system. Life as a student in Germany was a whirlwind of experiences—challenging, exciting, and eye-opening. From understanding the intricacies of the German school system to making friends from diverse backgrounds, every day was a lesson in adaptation and resilience.

Whether you’re here to hear about my journey from Ghana to Germany, my life as a student, my experiences working menial jobs, climbing the career ladder to a white-collar position, or navigating the nuances of being pregnant and raising children in Germany, you’re in the right place. Each chapter of my life holds a story—stories of joy, struggle, success, and invaluable lessons.

For instance, I remember my first job in Germany—a menial labour position that taught me humility and perseverance. The language barrier was daunting, but with time, I learnt to communicate effectively and even made friends who became my support system. Transitioning to a white-collar job was a different kind of challenge, demanding not just skills but also the confidence to assert my place in a professional environment.

Being pregnant and starting a family in Germany opened up another chapter filled with questions and discoveries. From navigating the healthcare system to understanding the benefits available for children, every step was a learning experience.

Now, I often get asked about everything from applying for a visa to finding the best recipes for kids’ meals. With the advent of the Chancenkarte, the calls and queries have multiplied, reflecting the growing interest in opportunities Germany offers.

So why am I putting myself out there? After almost ten years in Germany, I’ve realised that we all have questions and need guidance. Finding someone with experience can save us time, energy, and prevent long-term mistakes with lifelong repercussions. Through my chronicles, I aim to provide that guidance—sharing what I’ve learnt, the mistakes I’ve made, and how I’ve grown.

Join me as I navigate the complexities of blending two cultures and living between two worlds. I hope my stories will inspire, inform, and guide you on your own journey, whether you’re contemplating a move, already living abroad, or simply curious about the life of a German-born Ghanaian who grew up in Ghana and now calls Germany home.

Welcome to my world. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Look forward to the second episode next week

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