Doctors and nurses of the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, who were on the front line of the pandemic, share their experiences in the handbook/Photo: © Alizila

Foundation shares free Coronavirus-Prevention e-Handbook for Health Workers worldwide

The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation today announced the publication and distribution of a handbook detailing learnings and best practices from the First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, for treating Covid-19 patients.

Written by doctors and nurses who were on the front line of the pandemic, the 28-chapter handbook is a comprehensive knowledge-sharing resource for other hospitals facing the coronavirus onslaught. Its aim is to help medical professionals and hospitals worldwide fight the virus.

FAHZU staff have ample experience and strong results in handling the public-health crisis. Over the course of 50 days, the hospital admitted over 100 confirmed Covid-19 patients, without a single death, misdiagnosis or infection of the facility’s medical personnel.

The handbook contains detailed explanations of processes, from screening and diagnosing to the treatment of patients infected with Covid-19. It also offers insights into ways in which the medical teams at FAHZU were able to increase treatment efficacy, such as focusing on early-stage interventions and tapping into multi-disciplinary technologies, including strict disinfection protocols, respiratory management and even successful double-lung transplants.

Professor Tingbo Liang, Chairman of FAHZU and editor-in-chief of the handbook said the hospital hoped to use the handbook to provide “the most-efficient clinical decision-making support for global peers.”

As of March 16, there have been more confirmed cases of coronavirus outside of China than inside. The World Health Organization has said that China’s early experience battling the virus provides valuable lessons to help alter the course of the infection.

“Today, with the spread of the global pandemic, these experiences are precious and the most-important weapon for medical professionals around,” said Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma. “We hope that, with this manual, doctors and nurses in other affected areas can learn from experience as they face this battle, without having to start from scratch.”

The content of the handbook has been tailored for overseas medical professionals, and an English translation is available for download at Japanese, Korean and Italian versions will be available soon.

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Download the book here

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