Thursday , June 21 2018


5 reasons why it pays Africans in Germany to become MoneyGram Plus members!

Did you know that MoneyGram, one of the leading providers of international money transfers, awards their customers for their transactions? All you need to do is sign up to their MoneyGram Plus programme. Here are five good reasons why you should become a MoneyGram Plus member today: Joining MoneyGram Plus is free! You can sign up for MoneyGram Plus in …

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Nigeria’s hottest investment opportunities

This content was supplied by Standard Bank The past year has been one of economic progress for Nigeria, with Africa’s largest economy managing to crawl back into growth territory in the second quarter of 2017. The Nigerian government has realised that it needs to make the country as attractive and lucrative as possible for offshore investors to bring their capital, …

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Open for business: How South Africa is delivering on its potential

A trip to South Africa can be life-changing. Every year, millions of people visit the vibrant country to enjoy its unique natural beauty and experience its rich cultural diversity. South Africa’s reputation as a world-leading tourist destination is firmly established, and the nation is increasingly an exciting proposition for investors from across the globe. In the 21st century, South Africa …

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bankomo: download the app and open an account

 Are you looking for access to an account without the need for a credit check? You can have that with bankomo, ReiseBank’s mobile account. ReiseBank’s cash experts specialise in business with people from overseas. They exchange foreign currencies and provide Western Union services, and now also offer a smartphone account that you can simply download as an app from Apple’s …

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MoneyGram MegaDeal: Send money and you can win 100,000 euros!

MoneyGram Plus* members can win 100,000 euros with the new MoneyGram MegaDeal. Additionally, the world’s second biggest money transfer provider will raffle amazing prices worth more than 1,000 euros each from July until December 2017. MoneyGram PLUS clients who make a transaction will receive a leaflet with an activation code to register for the MegaDeal monthly raffle. This personal activation …

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How to book a cheap flight to Africa, by award-winning travel agent

Reiseservice Sacco regularly offers its African customers flight tickets at best prices to more than 20 destinations from Senegal to Angola. “I’m personally in contact with the different airlines several times every week, in order to get special prices for the Ethnic Tickets. It’s time consuming and demands negotiating skills, but it pays off for our customers enormously,” says Sandro …

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