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Germany: Mentoring scheme for aspiring African entrepreneurs takes off

It has been observed that Africans are less likely to start their own businesses compared to other diaspora communities, such as Asians. A new initiative wants to change the situation by mentoring aspiring African entrepreneurs in Germany, providing them not only knowledge and skills training but also networking opportunities

Deutsch Connect, a German-based Afrocentric startup that links African businesses to the German business ecosystem through Mentorship, B2B Matchmaking, Access to Markets and Investor Acquisition is partnering with Berlin Startup School and AG Career Hub to provide business knowledge and skills training to Africans in Germany who want to open their businesses.

Speaking to The African Courier, Deutsch Connect founder, Kumbirai Chipadza, said there are still many Africans who are not conscious of the business opportunities available to them in Germany which is why they are contented with doing any available job.

“Unlike the Indian and Chinese diasporas who quickly assert themselves Africans were contented with sitting on the margins,” he noted.

Deutsch Connect founder, Kumbirai Chipadza, said there are still many Africans who are not conscious of the business opportunities available to them in Germany/Photo: Deutsch Connect

According to the Zimbabwean-born business development expert, if the current situation persists the next generation of Africans in the country would not have many role models in influential positions which could affect their sense of self-worth.

“Is it because we are scared of taking the risk of starting our own businesses or is the system shutting us from opportunities?” Chipadza asked.

“Nonetheless this partnership [of Deutsch Connect with Berlin Startup School and AG Career Hub] will not only provide knowledge and skills to participants but will also create business networks which are essential to succeeding as a startup,” he said.

“I firmly believe that we have young innovative Africans who just need to be given the correct information. There are so many opportunities now especially with Africa opening up to be the biggest single economy in the world. And the technology and financial capital needed are available in Germany. As Africans we should be the business bridge between Germany and the Motherland,” Chipadza continued.

Participants at the Startup Academy for African entrepreneurs would be able to create their own Pitch Deck and write a Business Plan in 12 weeks, the organisers say.

“We provide you with several templates that you can re-use for any idea. Each workshop guides you through the most important stages from idea to founding a company. The workshops take place once a week in the evening for three months,” Constantin Schmutzler, Founder and CEO of Berlin Startup School, said.

“We will connect you to coaches and experienced founders in our network to support you on your journey. During the Startup Academy we organize Community events to connect you with other participants: Exchange with like-minded people and support each other on the way. In the e-Learning area you can review summaries of all workshops, find important documents, links and additional videos,” he continued.

“We have designed a digital startup booklet with all the important information and great exercises to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey and to build up your business. During your entrepreneurial journey we will show you a lot of great tools which will save you time and money.”

Applications are now open for the June intake. Click HERE to apply.

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