Some of the participants at the 6th German-African Economic Forum which took place recently in the western German city in Dortmund /Photo: Komm Mit Afrika

Forum sets new trend for German-African Business partnership

German-African Economic Forum in Dortmund sets sustainable standards: partnership on an equal footing between Germany and Africa

German entrepreneurs want to go to Africa and they need intercultural competences to understand how to do business in the continent. To secure their success, they also need to gain a sustainable foothold there.

With the Komm Mit Afrika Initiative in Germany and in Africa, many women entrepreneurs from both continents can slowly and sustainably regain hope of “Made in Germany” with a little flexibility.

While the causes of flight are being discussed throughout Europe, it was shown recently in Hamm and Dortmund what a better future for all sides could look like.

Economic experts and entrepreneurs from Germany and Africa met to present solutions for combating poverty, corruption and the causes of flight in Africa.  While at the same time charting how German as well as African companies should benefit from this.

Nelli Foumba Soumaoro, founder of the Komm Mit Afrika Initiative, organisers of the German-African Business Forum/Photo: Komm mit Afrika


This is exactly the approach of the German-African Business Forum, which took place for the sixth time on 18 February in Dortmund. During the ‘dialogue of equal partners’, forward-looking economic co-operation was concluded between German and African companies. Thus, an important course was set for future cooperation between companies from the state of North Rhein-Westphalia (NRW) and African partners.

In particular, the topics of sustainability and the development of prosperity formed the central themes of the dialogue. It was in the sense of the Forum’s co-organizer Nelli Foumba Soumaoro to make it clear that the co-operation projects are not development aid projects but economic projects on the basis of equal partnership.

In order to maintain this dialogue of equal partners, various expert speakers talked about the different ways of doing business on both sides of the continents. Thus, an understanding climate was created, which reconciled the sometimes very different approaches. Even “hot” topics such as corruption and human rights violations were discussed relentlessly. Practical examples were also given of how these problems could be confidently dealt with.

Overall, a narrow but secure bridge was built between the two continents. Be it in an economic, social or friendly way.


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