Maisha Business: Project to support African women entrepreneurs in Europe launches

An initiative to promote African women entrepreneurs in Europe will launch in the German commercial city of Frankfurt/Main on 25 October.

Maisha Business Women in Europe (MBWE) will offer women with refugee experience the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial ideas and market their products and services.

According to Virginia Wangare Greiner, one of the directors of the empowerment project, MBWE will promote the economic integration of African women in Europe and support those who have returned to Ghana to build sustainable livelihood.

Virginia Greiner
Virginia Greiner, one of the directors of MBWE/Photo: © Stephen Puni/TAC


“MBWE gives the women who are here the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in their countries of origin and make a contribution to society here,” she said. “And if they have to return home, they will take the skills and experiences they have acquired here with them to establish themselves in their home countries.”

The social enterprise project was founded by five African women from various national origins to support female refugees from Africa in Europe, Mrs Greiner explained.  

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Greiner, who is originally from Kenya and has received numerous awards for her work in support of African women in Germany, will make a presentation on MBWE at the launching ceremony in Frankfurt. The keynote address will be delivered by Marc Tillmanns, the CEO of K-1 Business Club, a co-working space operator. Ramona Lange, an official of the German ministry of family, senior citizens, women and youth, is also expected to speak at the event, which will be attended by guests from all walks of life.

MBWE will become officially operational after the launching ceremony on 25 October.

Femi Awoniyi

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