The programme, a unique weekly half hour for viewers in Nigeria and diaspora audiences around the world, will be produced at Channels Television’s new studios in Lagos / Photo: Screenshot

BBC & Channels Television to co-produce weekly show in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Channels Television and the BBC are joining forces on a new English language current affairs programme due to launch in 2018. The live studio based show will focus on the stories behind the news, with original storytelling and audience interaction via social media and in the studio in Lagos.

Made by the BBC and Channels Television in Nigeria, this programme will be a unique weekly half hour for viewers in Nigeria and diaspora audiences around the world. 

With in-depth reporting and analysis, hard-hitting interviews and discussions around the issues that matter to Nigerians, the programme will also feature stories covered by a selection of the BBC’s African services.

Produced at Channels Television’s new studios in Lagos, the programme will be created to the same high standards of journalism and production that audiences around the world expect.

Channels Television is the leading independent television service in Nigeria. It has a longstanding relationship with the BBC and has been named “Station of the Year 12 times by Nigeria’s Media Merit Award Trust.

Regional editor for BBC Africa, Solomon Mugera said:

“It is a pleasure to start this co-production with Channels Television. We look forward to a great partnership”.

The Assistant General Manager Operation of Channels Television, Kingsley Uranta said:

”We are thrilled to be working with the BBC. Both organisations enjoy a great partnership for public good, and this latest project is yet another worthy example.”

The new co-production will air live on Channels Television in Nigeria and will also be available on Channels24 in the UK via Freesat and Sky.

Marina Forsythe

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