Healthy: Both mother and daughter - who was named Yambambi Yete - were reported to be doing fine after being taken to hospital in Reggio Calabria, Italy, for check-ups / Photo: Marina Militare

WATCH! Ghanaian woman gives birth to baby aboard migrant rescue boat

A woman from Ghana gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday morning (6 September) onboard a Spanish NGO vessel immediately after she was rescued trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy.

Despite a lack of sterile hospital conditions, the on-board doctor, with the help of crew members, successfully delivered the baby girl before returning to harbour, where they were greeted with rapturous applause from well-wishers who had gathered to welcome the new arrival.

The Spanish NGO ProActiva Open Arms rescued more than 200 migrants floating in rubber dinghies off the coast of Libya.

 “We have this woman, she says she was nine months pregnant. And when she was onboard she started having labour, so I don’t know how you say it, break water? She started the labour. And after ten minutes of labour the baby was born but there was no crying so we had to do reanimation for about fifteen, twenty minutes. It was really hard because we thought she was dying and finally and luckily she’s alive and beautiful,” said ProActiva Open Arms volunteer Francisco Gentico.

The mother, called Peace, and her daughter are said to be doing well despite the baby receiving CPR straight after its birth.

Simon Yeboah, the father of the baby, thanked God for the well being of his wife and daughter. “Only God can do this, there’s nobody like him,” he said.

Austin Ohaegbu


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