Migrant returnees from Libya in Niamey. EU resettles those of them considered to be truly in need of protection in Europe with support from the International Organization for Migration / Photo: IOM

EU admits 32,700 African refugees, others through resettlement program

The EU has welcomed 32,700 refugees from Africa and the Middle East through its resettlement program, the EU Commissioner for Refugees, Dimitris Avramopoulos, has announced.

The program was launched in September 2017 to assist refugees in need of special protection, as well as to prevent the need for a dangerous trip across the Mediterranean Sea.

Avramopoulos told the Funke Media Group on Monday that he felt the program had so far been successful and thought that it would reach its goals of resettling 50,000 migrants by October 2019, since nearly two thirds of the refugees had already arrived.

Of those 32,700, 4,100 have already entered Germany. Avramopoulos praised Germany, saying “It [Germany] is on the right track,” according to the KNA news agency. Germany promised to take in 10,000 refugees by October 2019.

“We bring people who need protection to Europe safely and legally,” said Avramopoulos, according to AFP.

Member states made their commitments voluntarily, and the European Commission is making a total of 500 million euros available for the program.

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