About 50 migrants and their supporters protested against deportation in the eastern German town of Apolda on Saturday, 2 December 2018. The movement "The Voice" from Jena called the demonstration to protest among other things against the deportations from Germany and for a better accommodation for refugees/ Photo: Osaren Igbinoba/The Voice Forum

17,000 migrants deported by Germany in 9 months; MP calls for amnesty

Between January and September 2019, around 17,000 asylum-seekers were deported from Germany, according to the federal government. MP calls for residence permit for persons without papers instead of repatriation.

In the first nine months of this year, 16,808 asylum-seekers were deported from Germany, according to the information released by the federal government in response to a request by the Left party group in the federal parliament, reported MiGAZIN.

Many of the deportees (1,894) were sent to Italy. Other major destinations of the deportation were Albania (1,178) and France (906). With Poland (639) and Spain (551), along with Italy and France, two other EU members were among the top ten destination countries of the deportees.

The asylum-seekers were sent to the other EU countries as a result of the Dublin regulation, which provides that a country in which an asylum-seeker first arrives in the EU will be responsible for their cases.

Around 56 per cent of the migrants were deported by scheduled airlines, 32 per cent by charter flights, the rest by land or sea. The federal government spent around six million euros for the “security escort” of the deportations, the report said.

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Left party MP Ulla Jelpke said  the federal government should finally put in place an amnesty policy to grant right of residence to rejected asylum-seekers instead of deporting them with more and more repressive means. The funds for “security escorts” could be used more meaningfully, for example for integration courses, she said.

last year, 23,617 persons were deported from Germany.

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