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Valentine and his ‘dad’ Oscar at his graduation from university. A loving father, Oscar had brought Valentine to England from Nigeria and gave him a good education

Nigerian wails as DNA test reveals he’s not biological father of his 32-year-old son

A father was left heartbroken after discovering the son he has raised for 32 years isn’t biologically related to him.

Nigerian-born Oscar and his son Valentine appeared on a popular British TV show The Jeremy Kyle Show on Monday.

Oscar and Valentine had gone on the tabloid talk show presented by Jeremy Kyle to find out if the pair are related after Valentine’s mother said there was a chance Oscar may not be his biological father.

The DNA test results show that there’s a “no per cent chance” that the two men are biologically related

Why the Nigerian family did so instead of finding out without the public knowing has not been revealed.

In a tense episode of the ITV daytime programme, moderator Jeremy is seen saying to Valentine with a tensed Oscar looking on:
‘The DNA test results show that Oscar is not your biological father.’

Oscar is seen wailing in despair as he says to Jeremy: ‘He’s not my son?’.

Jeremy responds by saying: ‘There’s a no per cent chance he’s your son’, while Valentine remains speechless.

Oscar brought Valentine from Nigeria to join him and ‘put him through school’ in Britain.

Oscar could not hold back his tears: he wailed in agony as the DNA test result was announced

Later on in the show, Jeremy was seen comforting Oscar by saying: ‘Being a dad isn’t about being blood-related. It takes a man to look after a kid.’

Valentine’s mother must have had a lover while already married to Oscar.

The family refused to release their surname to protect whatever is left of their privacy after the shocking revelation.

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