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Extreme right wing activits chant Christian Europe, Muslims out", "no mosques in our land" in Rome / Photo: Sabika Shah Povia

Italian neo-Nazis rally against new citizenship law

Thousands marched in Rome to protest against the government’s proposal to reform citizenship procedures for descendants of immigrants living in Italy.

In Italy, thousands of people attended a far-right rally in Rome on Wednesday over a new law that could grant citizenship to children of immigrants.

Under the bill called “right of the soil” (lus soli), children under 12 who’ve spent five years in formal education would qualify to be naturalised. The rule would also apply to children born to non-Italians.

The demonstration was organised by Italy’s far-right New Force party. One of its supporters, Vera Provenzale, said: “We believe that one has to be born Italian. Being Italian means one has to have Italian blood. Therefore we cannot give away Italian citizenship, our roots, our culture.”

According to New Party leader Roberto Fiore, it’s a question of defending Italy’s patrimony and heritage: “Forza Nuova is here to show that the fatherland, the Italian fatherland, is still alive. And to show that the people of Italy are going to rebel against the people who are trying to destroy our fatherland.”

Currently, foreigners born in Italy can only apply for citizenship when they turn 18 and if they have lived in the country since birth.

Sabika Shah Povia

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