Irene Appiah is contesting for a seat on the Hamburg-Mitte local assembly / Photo: Irene Appiah/Facebook

Germany: Let’s exercise our voting rights – Irene Appiah appeals

A call has gone out to Africans living in Germany to turn out to vote at the European and communal elections on Sunday (26 May). The call was made by Irene Appiah, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Hamburg, while speaking recently during an interview with Radio TopAfric.

Ms Appiah, a lawyer who works with the Hamburg Ministry of Education ‘Schulbehörde’, is contesting for a seat on the Hamburg-Mitte local assembly.

The politician said voting at the elections enables citizens to determine those who will represent their interests. Especially at local levels, Africans needed to take interest in those who preside over the administration of their towns and cities, whose decisions will affect them.

Appiah believes that she deserves the support of Africans in the Merchant city.

‘It’s not just about my experience and my sympathy, it is about the community who needs a voice at the local assembly, we must therefore do everything necessary to be part of the political dispensation’, she said.

The European and communal elections will take place simultaneously on Sunday and several candidates of African origin are contesting at the polls across the country. Elombo Bolayela is seeking re-election to the local assembly in Bremen while Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, a member of the Green Party, is seeking a seat at the European Parliament from Erlangen.

Persons who hold a German passport or that of another EU member state are eligible to vote at the European and communal elections.

Felix Dappah

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