An African refugee taking part in an internship programme at Daimler for refugees and asylum-seekers in Stuttgart. The experts recommend that Germany should allow migrants from Africa to pay a cash deposit to obtain temporary German work visas to reduce illegal migration to the EU/ Photo: © DB

Germany: How to find work if you are an asylum-seeker, refugee or new immigrant

There are plenty of jobs, training programs and internships in German firms, designed specifically for migrants and refugees. Here is a list of some of the places that you might be able to find work or training compiled by Emma Wallis/InfoMigrants.

The German Employment Agency

1) The best place to start if you are looking for a job or training placement in Germany is at the National Employment Agency, Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA):

2) If you are a migrant or an asylum-seeker, click on the link “Jobs und Praktika suchen” at

3) There is a section which lists all the job offers specifically for migrants: “Jobangebote für Zugewanderte“. There are over 18,000 jobs listed; over 4,000 internship places and even 2 jobs looking for artistic skills. They are looking for everything from security personnel to drivers to cleaners, language experts, translators, builders, carers, and people to work in the catering industry. 

Sorting letters at the German postal service, Deutsche Post. There are 1,702 migrants from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Iran and Iraq already working there. The company offers training opportunities and jobs for migrants / Photo: Screenshot/ARD


German Post

4) There are big and small companies which are offering jobs and training placements. Some of the big ones are the German postal service, Deutsche Post. There are 1,702 migrants from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Iran and Iraq already working there. If you scroll down on the website, you will see a section entitled “Ihre Karriere bei Deutsche Post und DHL” (“Your career at DHL”).  They also have an English website.

German Rail

5) It is not just the German Post which is offering work. The train company Deutsche Bahn also has more than 250 places for refugees to train and work. You can even learn how to become an electrician in their technical departments, a training which lasts 28 months. There are also lots of other roles in this company. One of their programs specially designed for refugees is called “Chance Plus“. 

Car companies

6) If you are interested in the transport sector, car companies like Daimler are also offering internships for refugees and asylum-seekers. Since 2015, more than 850 people have graduated from their 14-week programs. Just click on the bottom of this page to find out how you too can take part; on the section entitled “Wie können Sie teilnehmen?”

Other car companies like VW (Volkswagen) are also engaged in various refugee and migrant programs and initiatives.

The train company Deutsche Bahn also has more than 250 places for migrants and refugees to train and work / Photo: Screenshot/DB

Public transport

7) If cars aren’t your thing, many cities offer programs for refugees and migrants to join their public transport networks. Like BVG, the Berlin public transport company: 

There are similar options if you are based in Cologne. Some refugees have already graduated and are currently driving around Cologne: and

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Southern Germany

8) In the south of Germany, namely in the state of Baden-Württemberg, over 100 companies and entrepreneurs are organizing an initiative to allow the refugees and migrants who have already found jobs with them to stay in Germany longer term. Many of them offer work and training placements already. This initiative is led by the sportswear and equipment manufacturer Vaude and a brewery called Härle. There are 100s of other firms on their list too from hairdressers to painters to car sales to butchers; from old people’s homes to energy companies, hotels, transport firms, mechanics, restaurants and food suppliers:

Chancellor Angela Merkel flanked by two trainees with migrant background at the training centre of the Berlin Public Transport Company (BVG). The government has launched a publicity campaign to encourage young people with a migration background to learn a trade │© Olaf Wedekind/BVG

German Telekom

9) If communication is your thing, the German telephone company Deutsche Telekom also offers training and work experience places. In 2018 alone they have already given out 420 places. You can find more information here and they also offer some information in English. They ask that you send an email to and include a CV and a German language certificate and then they will contact you.

Skilled crafts and German employers looking for employees

10) There are other agencies too which you can go to for advice in Germany. The Central Association Skilled Crafts (ZDH) also has jobs, advice and work training placements to offer. As does the BDA (The Confederation of German employers) which has a whole list of links to employers, agencies and how to guides and videos for refugees and migrants.

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