Diaspora Nigerians at one of the events marking the 2016 Nigeria Diaspora Day in Abuja. / Photo: African Heritage Media

NIDO Worldwide assures on Nigerian Diaspora Day in Abuja

The Governing Council of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Worldwide (NIDOWW) has assured that the Nigerian Diaspora Day 2017 will take place as scheduled on 25-26 July in Abuja.

The body issued a press statement yesterday where it confirmed that it’s taking up the full responsibility for staging the annual event this year following the difficulties encountered by Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS), which normally organizes the event, in raising funds for the conference.

The Diaspora action had been “wholeheartedly welcomed by NNVS”, NIDOWW said in the press statement jointly signed by Kingsman Chikelu (Continental Chair, NIDO Africa),  Samuel Adewusi (NIDO Americas), Emenike Ejiogu (NIDO Asia) and Kenneth Gbandi (NIDO Europe).

The organisation said that it took over the responsibility of organising the 2017 event “to demonstrate our ability and capability as the primary organisation in charge of the Diaspora Day Conference”.

The venue of the 2017 Diaspora Day Conference, whose theme is “Promoting Diaspora Participation and Engagement for National Development”, has been confirmed to be the National Assembly Hall, Room 236.

Following the second meeting of the 2017 Diaspora Day Local Organising Committee (LOC) with the NNVS team on 5-6 July held in Abuja, the NIDOWW further announced as follows:

  • “NIDO Worldwide will continue to collaborate with NNVS on the 2017 Diaspora Day planning by carrying NNVS along with developments through the LOC.
  • “NNVS affirmed its readiness to support NIDO and the Nigerian Diasporas in any way possible to ensure the success of the conference.
  • “All initial registrations and flight itinerary submitted through the Diaspora portal on NNVS website remain valid, and the portal will be reinstated to enable NIDO members and entire Nigerian Diaspora to continue to register for the 2017 Diaspora Day Conference through the NNVS website. However, all NIDO members are advised to also register their attendance via email to their respective Chapters, Continental Secretariats, and DD2017@nidoeurope.org while other Non-NIDO members should register their attendance either individually or collectively via email to only DD2017@nidoeurope.org
Kenneth Gbandi, (Continental Chair, NIDO Europe), has assured that the successful implementation of Projects submitted by Diaspora Nigerians will be given priority at the 2017 Nigeria Diaspora Day in Abuja / Photo: African Heritage Media

The NIDOWW statement also dwelled on projects being proposed by Diaspora Nigerians for presentation during the Conference, noting that projects presented during the 2016 Diaspora day were not followed up collectively with NNVS on a collaborative approach as agreed during the conference. This will change this year as efforts had been made to ensure a better co-ordination between the two bodies for the successful implementation of the projects.

“An action point has been agreed that all projects for the 2017 Diaspora Day Conference will be collated and a committee formed to oversee the continuity of their implementation strategy with full participation of the responsible Government body, to enable us to achieve the aim of National Development for which they were intended,” NIDOWW said.

The organisation also advises that Nigerians interested in submitting projects should be ready to practically demonstrate them and provide evidence of commitment.

Accommodation and logistics support will be provided to duly registered participants.

Femi Awoniyi

Nigerian Diaspora Day 2017

Date: 25-26 July 2017

Venue: National Assembly Hall, Room 236, Abuja

Contact: Mr Abiodun Ogunsakin (General Secretary – NIDO Europe),
Coordinating General Secretary – NIDO Worldwide
Email: secretariat@nidoeurope.org

RegistrationWeb: http://diasporadayreg.nnvsnigeria.com/diasporadayreg/
Email: DD2017@nidoeurope.org

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