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Sibeth Ndiaye, the young Senegalese woman behind the new French president / Photo: © Capture écran Youtube

New French president names Senegalese-born woman as press secretary

Emmanuel Macron, in the first batch appointments he made as president, has named Sibeth Ndiaye as his press secretary. The 37-year-old Senegalese-French woman played a very active role in the campaign that led to Macron’s victory to become the youngest-ever French president at 39.

Ms Ndiaye has been described by the French media as one of the key figures who orchestrated the meteoric rise of Macron’s En Marche movement.

The African woman was reported to have been ever-present during the Macron campaign and that along with his wife Brigitte Macron, was one of the most prominent women in his camp.

Ndiaye is being hailed as the star of a new documentary that’s just aired on French TV, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at Macron’s victory.

In the film, she jokes with Mr Macron, is seen advising and encouraging him, as well as organising his schedule.

Describing herself in her Twitter bio as an “apprentice geek and committed socialist”, Ndiaye grew up in the Senegalese capital Dakar, the youngest of four sisters in a highly political family.

Both of her parents were high-profile figures in Senegal, serving in senior positions under former President Abdoulaye Wade.

Vivian Asamoah

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