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Project to promote migrant writers in Italy launched

In Italy, a project aims to help writers who are migrants or come from migrant families, and to spread their work. Both experienced and aspiring poets, authors and journalists can participate.

The project, titled “Words4link – Migrant Writing for Integration”, was just launched. It aims to promote the writing of migrant writers and writers from migrant families and to celebrate specific points of view. 

The project is financed by the Italian government’s Asylum, Migration and Integration 2014-2020 Fund. It will partner with three entities in different fields of expertise and action: the social cooperative Lai-Momo in Bologna, which is leading the program; the IDOS Study and Research Centre in Rome; and the Mediterraneo Cultural Association in Acquedolci, Messina. 
Migrant writers offer ‘a precious contribution’ 
In a statement, organizers said migrant or migrant-origin authors “offer a precious contribution for understanding contemporary society,” whether they “dedicate themselves to poetry, narrative, non-fiction or journalism and news.” 
They added: “They can contribute to a change in the […] representation of migration in the Italian collective imagination today, conditioned by negative perception.” 
The Words4link project “will not only give the chance to increase visibility with a wider public and through the press, but also the chance to build a network and contribute to the exchange of best practices in promotion”. 
A project to create a network in the sector 
The initiative’s organizers said that the project will make the most of the potential in new communications technologies to facilitate synergies and support the visibility of the authors and entities involved. 
To support this process, in three years the creation of a network of people and entities in the sector is planned; as well as a mapping of the key people online; seminars between authors, journalists, and readers to exchange best practices; and a communications campaign. 
Participants in the initiative can be writers who are already known in the literary or journalistic fields, and young authors looking for more exposure, as well as people and organizations that want to help promote immigrant authors and their works. 
Those who wish to participate in the initiative must complete a form for authors or for organisations.
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