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Public health officers at the Kotoka International Airport Accra, Ghana. Forty-six African countries have reported coronavirus cases/Photo: KIA

Coronavirus: Here are the 7 African countries spared so far

With about three billion people worldwide having to stay at home in order to avoid further spreading of the coronavirus, Africa has also been adversely affected. Forty-six African countries have officially recorded cases (2,819 as at 26 March) and they have adopted various measures, ranging from compulsory quarantine and border closures to strong recommendations to stay at home.

The pandemic has claimed the lives of 72 people in the continent so far, according to the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are however 7 African countries that have not recorded a single case of coronavirus as at 26 March.

The seven virus-free group are:

1. Botswana
2. Burundi
3. Lesotho
4. Malawi
5. Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic
6. South Sudan
7. Sierra Leone

To monitor the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Africa, visit the website of the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention HERE

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